Govt. Model Sanskriti Sr. Sec. School, Babain(Kurukshetra)[2392] Affiliated to CBSE up to 10+2 level


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School Features:-

1.Health Checkup:- In the school health checkups are done for students on regular basis. Students are given iron and folic acid pills four times a month. Stomach bugs are also fed twice a year.

2.Yoga Class:- Students are also given yoga training in the morning assembly which leads to the mental and physical development of the students. Yoga keeps them focused and develops a disciplined lifestyle among students.

3.Eco Club:- Eco-club has been formed for the students to protect the environment and to preserve it. Under this club, different types of competitions are organized from time to time like plantation, Speech competition, painting competition, slogan competition, quizetc. Every child is encouraged to plant more and more tree to make the environment clean.

4.BalikaManch:- The main objective of this forum is to overcome the problems of adolescent girls. They can keep their problems with an open mind and School Management Committee helps to overcome their problems immediately. From time to time, role models are also called on the girl’s stage in the school, which motivates the students how to move forward in their life and walk on the right path in their life.

5.Science Club:- Under this, scientific approach is developed in the students . Under which science exhibition, science quizzes are conducted at School level, Block level and State level. In which all students are encouraged to participate in the science exhibition and quizzes. Our school students secured the first and second positions at the Block level.

6.Legal Literacy Club:- Under this club, the students are informed about the help they receive by the law to protect the students from the evils spread in the society. Competitions are organized by the District Legal Authority at the School level, Block Level along with giving information to the students about the law. The students are also made aware of the importance of the voting and thus the students gain the knowledge of their rights.

7.Sports and Culture:- Keeping in mind the ail round development of the students, various cultural programs are organized along with sports training to the students. Two sports nurseries namely Kabaddi and Kho-Kho are running in the Government Senior Secondary School buildings. About 50 girls come to the nursery every morning and evening. 9 girls have received the prize of Rs. 30 thousand from the Haryana Government. In cultural program also, our school students Akshay and Rajni have secured first position at Block level and Rajni has got second position at State level.

8.Lunch Arrangement:- The government made the provision to arrange lunch for the students from 1 to 8 to avoid malnutrition. Under which children are fed a variety of delicious and nutritious dishes according to their growing age. Their food is high in protein and vitamins. The hands of all the children are cleaned with soap before eating food and then the children are made to sit in lines on mats and have lunch. The government has also implemented morning milk scheme for students of classes 1 to 8, which removes calcium and protein deficiency in children.

9.Road Safety:- Road safety week is celebrated in the school to introduce all the students about the traffic rules so that the students get to know all the traffic rules and can avoid accident on the road and develop the qualities of a good citizen in them. Road safety related competitions are also organized from time to time.

10.Generator Facilities:- A generator is also availableto diagnose the problem of power cut so that Computer education, Edusat program run smoothly and cameras installed in school can work properly.

11.Library:- The school also has a library equipped with many informative books. There is a seating arrangement of the students in a planned manner. To develop the habit of reading in the students, the library has about 3500 books in all subjects of the students. A projector is also installed in the library on which students can get information about every subject. Students develop their intellectual development by reading various newspapers and magazines in the library.

12.Edusat:- There is an arrangement of Edusat in the school. From the Directorate of School Education, lectures related to all subjects are given by skilled teachers of all subjects, which are shown live to the students.

13.Computer Lab:- Government has opened computer labs in the government schools with the objective of getting children trained in computer education. Our school has 2 computer labs which has 20computers each. Every student is provided computer education. Student get information related to their class studies with the help of internet. Projector is also installed under smart class.

14.House Arrangement:- The school has implemented the house system. It has four houses .Arjun, Bhim, Meerabai and Saraswatisadan are functioning smoothly. According to the house system, various competitions are organized which develop the spirit of competititons among the students. As a result of which the qualities of leadership are developed in the students, the hidden talents are highlighted in them.

15.School Excursion:- The students of the school are taken for educational tours from time to time, which increases the general knowledge along with the entertainment of the students. Religious, historical and natural places have been of special importance in our education, culture and life philosophy. 600 students of the school went to visit the Gita Mahotsav in 2019. Besides this, 36 students of Scout and Guide went to GadpuriPalwal(Faridabad) and also visited Haridwar and Kerala.

16.Skill and Skill Development:- To develop skills, NSQF has been implemented in which students are trained according to their skills. After 4 years opportunities are available in the field of employment to the students. Important steps are taken by the government to develop skills in the students.

a) To enroll the students of ninth grade in skill development.
b) Arrangement of lectures by Guest faculty.
c) Visit of skill subjects related institutions twice a year.
d) Making available subject related books free of cost to students.
e) Placement after 12th .